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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> venezuela celebrates the return of hugo chavez. >> the leader is back after his latest cancer treatment in cuba. also ahead, the u.n. finds new evidence of war crimes in syria, accusing both sides of torture and rape. and clashes with police in spain.
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and i'm andrew thomas in australia on a tape that could determine what rights people have when they put photos online. >> he hasn't been seen or heard in public for two months but chavez is back in the lime light. he has returned to venezuela. the news of his arrival triggered celebrations on the streets from his supporters. our latin american editor has the story. >> outside of caracas, a special area set aside for people to be close to their president. after two-month absence, the ailing leader used twitter to announce his return. we have arrived again to the venezuela wail an homeland. we will continue the treatment here, he wrote.
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it was the longest the president had been away and unlike previous returns, this was a quiet homecoming under the quiet of darkness far from tv cameras. but it was for these people. >> we await you with open arms. we love you and will support you forever. >> chavez left for cuba in early december for yet another operation for cancer. he had been getting treatment there ever since he was diagnosed almost two years ago. his condition was so serious, that the president missed his own inauguration last month leading to speculation that his prognosis was worse than the government was letting on. the people of venezuela got their first glimpse of their president. he was shown recovering at a hospital in havana. while he may not have bounded down from the plane this time, chavez remains upbeat. in the last of his three tweets
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after his return home, the president wrote, i continue clinging to christ and i'm confident in my medication and nurses. on ward to victory forever and we shall survive and overcome. but his confidence will not be enough to end the speculation about his future and that of his country. >> the question is just how fit president chavez is. >> well, that really is the central question and certainly what the opposition party are asking. they are in some ways happy that the president is apparently back announcing his return via twitter account. it is what they want to know is this a president who is fit to lead and they are not happy with the information they have been getting or the lack of information, i should say.
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remember, this was him recovering from his fourth cancer operation. and we don't know exactly what kind of cancer. if you look here, the crowd is dying down a little bit. maybe 100 people here, but certainly very happy that hugo chavez has returned and being treated in the military hospital here, announcing his return via twitter, no one has actually seen the president. and the opposition want to know if this is a man fit to lead the country. if not, they want the constitution to be followed and they would have to hold a snap election in 30 days if it is indicated he isn't fit. we don't know his exact condition. we heard he was breathing through a tube and couldn't speak but issuing orders and running the golf through his sick bed. >> has the nation suffered as a result of his absence? >> it's difficult to say whether this nation's economy is
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suffering because of the absence of chavez, but certainly, it is suffering. i remember the local currency has been devalued by a third and i was speaking to plenty of people who couldn't find rice, butter and flour. there are food shortages and the economy is suffering, whether it is a direct result of chavez, it's difficult to say. but the opposition party and they want -- >> people want to see whether he is fit. we don't know if he is going to make an appearance here. >> that is the scene in caracas. u.n. investigators have found new evidence of war crimes in syria and urging the u.n. security council to allow the international criminal court to investigate. they say both sides in the conflict are guilty of rape, murder and torture and identified seven massacres.
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they have identified several leaders who ordered the killings. identification is done because both sides are guilty of crimes and we identify on both sides suspects. >> let's hear from beirut. >> they want the international communities to act to bring those responsible for the atrocities to justice. they said the civilian population has deteriorated and violence is on the rise. they cite many reasons, the radicalization and they cite reasons for this kind of trends. they said the elements of foreign fighters, the vacuum of power and the kind of weapons being used and what they worry about is that there is only going to be a political sacrament for this crisis but
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regional and international powers have hampered this prospect for a political settlement. it's a very alarming report and what is significant, it's the first time that a u.n. body actually identifies organizations and individuals for being responsible for these crimes against humanity and war crimes. >> al qaeda-linchinged fighters have claimed responsibility for the abduction of foreigners. he broke into a compound in the northern state on sunday. a local security guard was killed. the hostages are believed to be construction workers from lebanon, italy and greece. shia muslims have come under attack. three bombs went off in karachi as protestors took to the streets to get protection. they are gig the government until tuesday to step up security. and we have more from islamabad. >> three bombs wept off within
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15 minutes of each other. first one taking place on the main airport road. that blast was targeting the shia community protests that had been going on all day there. that protest finished two hours earlier so the death toll is lower than it could have been. a second blast against a home of a leader. and that is the pashtun minority party that has representation. and minutes later another attack. it has seen severe violence. these blasts are only likely to increase. however, the big target probably was, according to most experts, the shia community protests. these guys have been protesting all day and they say they need their demands to be heard. they are feeling unsafe after a
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massive blast killed nearly 90 of their number earlier in the week. they have a number of demands they want heard. but they want the community to be protected. that demand, that 48-hour deadline comes to the end late on tuesday. if it isn't met, the protests could turn violent. if they do, that's a real issue for pakistan. sectarian divisions in this country are at an all-time high. >> monday's protests just the latest response to a wave of sectarian attacks in pakistan. a city has seen the worst of the violence and we have more. >> this is perhaps the most painful part of this community's protests. they are refusing to bury their loved ones who were killed in saturday's bombing until the army is called in to go after the groups responsible.
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now leaders of the community also have two other demands. they want to put an end to the killings of their community and they have also insisted that laws be passed to make it a crime to discriminate against shias in pakistan. this is perhaps another sign of the anguish and suffering that this community has faced over the past few years. more than 80 people were killed in saturday's attack, an attack which followed a similar attack just last month in which more than 90 people were killed. in all since the start of this year, more than 200 shias have been killed and these people here are demanding answers and action. >> striking iberian airlines against the airport. over the company's plans to cut thousands of jobs. we have reports from madrid.
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>> this was no normal day at the office. thousands of iberia airlines staff storming into the terminal many of them work at every day. the police were powerless to stop so many strikers. thousands had marched to madrid to protest against a plan to slash jobs. >> we work so hard to be employed. it's too much people unemployed here. we are asking the government to say something or do something because that's not good for our country. >> inside the terminal, passengers were saying this was a bad day for travel. 70,000 had their plans disrupted and been shifted on to other flights or reimbursed. >> it is quite annoying because people can't understand. apart from that, i have to respect their right to strike
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and everything. >> this is indicative of the strike. they put a jacket over this robotic assist ant. computers doing what they believe real people should be. there is a anti-british flavor to this protest. there was a merger with british airways, the unions believe these cuts are being thrust on them by foreigners. >> this is directed from london. they can hear us here in spain but will take some time for this noise to reach london. the workers they feel can make sack cry tieses without giving them anything back. >> iberia is unprofitable being batted by spain's woeful economy and competition from low-cost carriers but they said the plan
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is just too dramatic and they are intending two more five-day strikes to drive that point home. >> top stories here, supporters of the president hugo chavez have been celebrating his return. he touched down in venezuela on monday. officials say he is being taken to a military hospital. a report by u.n. investigators has found new evidence of war crimes by both sides in syria. it has identified seven alleged massacres and want the international criminal court to investigate. striking staff from spain's iberia airlines fought with police as they tried to invade a terminal at the international airport. day one of five-day strike as
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the charle is planning to lay off staff. the israeli army used tear gas to break up a demonstration. it was in solidarityy. palestinians are in israeli prisons and some being held indefinitely and they include one who has been on a hunger strike for more than 200 days. we went to meet his family of the >> the last time his family saw him, he was slowly starving to death. vitamin pills have kept him alive. on mopped, his brother was also arrested. his parents say he is a university student. before that, he was an active member of the palestinian resistance group. the charges haven't been released. >> they came at 2:30 in the morning. 20 people from the police and intelligence and asked mother to
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stay outside and all separated. they took him and handcuffed him and left. >> another brother is also in prison at the moment. he was originally freed from jail as part of the prisoner swap deals in 2011. over 1,000 palestinians were released in exchange for the captured israeli soldier. but a few months later, he was arrested again. israel says he broke the conditions of his release by visiting a town in the west bank. in january, the israeli army demolished the house of another brother. israel said it was built without a permit. the family said they are being targeted by the israeli police. >> they came to our house every day and asked me and our brother . they demolished the house of my brother. the water in our house -- >> there are at least four
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palestinians on hunger strikes in israel. for weeks, they have been getting support. >> the strike embarrasses israel, which wants the strike to end without achieving anything and israeli forces are harassing the family. >> the family hopes these demonstrations across the west bank will pressure israel to free them. >> a second day of strikes and protests have shut down the egyptian city of port siad. death sentence were handed to people involved in a deadly football riot. >> there is a growing sense of isolation. people are demanding justice and demanding that justice be restored and upset the way the forces dealt with the clashes.
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>> they killed my brother while he was buying fish. he has six children. >> my son and his father went out to buy lunch. they were walking by the police station. there was a shootout. bullets from above the station and in front of it. then my son fell to the ground. his father took him to the military hospital, but he had died on the spot. >> we don't want the government fact-finding commission. >> they say nothing will satisfy them short of an independent investigation into last month's violence saying simply -- lack of accountability in egypt since the revolution. >> nine workers have been injured during working at a south african mine. guards fired rubber bullets
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after unions were fighting. >> south africa's ruling party is being criticized failing to improve the lives of many and now an anti-apartheid leder is trying to change that. >> mamphela ramphele has the right credentials and fought against apartheid. she is starting the confrontation phase of a new political party she hopes to officially launch in the middle of the year. >> what we are offering is an opportunity for us together as south africans to build that country that we had in 1994 is our country, the country which will be known for unity. >> the governing african
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national congress enjoys unrivaled support and won 66% of the vote, the main opposition managed 16%. many voters are now disillusiononned with the lack of jobs, growing inequality and corruption. >> they are moving away from politics. >> i wasn't thinking i'm going to vote in the next election, i might vote. >> they have been creating employment. >> it's unclear how much support ramphele has. she is trying to get 1 million signatures. >> one of the tests she said is
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she is going to raise a petition to get a million signatures. if she gets a million signatures for her petition, it will indicate the following that she has in the country. >> restructuring the economy and improving education are her other priorities. she is hoping to change south africa's political landscape but has a lot of work to do before she can launch an effective opposition. >> the olympic star is due to appear in court on tuesday. he is being held in a police jail charged with the premeditated of his girlfriend. she died from gunshot wounds. prosecutors say he will have to prove exceptional circumstances to be granted bail. one says he expects to get bail
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because of his celebrity status. >> the main fact that he is a celebrity is an exceptional circumstance to suggest that he is one of the candidates that must be afforded bail otherwise. everybody knows who he is. he can't hide and get a passport and run overseas without anybody noticing him. in my mind, i would suggest that even the fact that he is a well known person might count in his favor. >> the e.u. foreign ministers announced a partnership. 70 advisers have been sent to mali to start work with commanders on the ground. the goal is to lay the grouped work to hand over security as french forces prepare to withdraw. libya's president has nationalized its three main airports. spain's foreign ministry has reacted saying it will reconsider all relations with the country.
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latest in a series of events that the president has ordered. he considers them public utilities. the court in belarus has jailed a border guard. the bears carrying human rights slogans and parachuted into the country. the guard failed to report the plane which flew into airspace. sciencists say they found more than 50 fragments of the meetorite and testing them about their makeup. sciencists want to know how much they are worth. >> the force of a meteor was as dramatic as these pictures.
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it broke the sound barrier over russia's ule mountains. the repair bill is tens of millions of dollars. the search is on for looking for the rock. sciencists have confirmed these tiny pieces are from space but to warn people if or when another meteor is on its way. >> you need to calculate from what distance you want to see a dangerous object. we consider it to be 5 million. you would be a few days ahead and calculate the trajectory and perhaps prepare a missile. we don't have them so far and nobody knows how to build one. >> while sciencists work on that program, locals are trying to be positive.
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>> it is now the safest place on earth. and treasure hunters are searching for more pieces of space and will wonder when these confirmed remains could fetch money, which means the splinters left are left more than 40 times the value of gold. >> now to share or not to share, that's the question you may want to ask yourself when you post pictures online. one of the photographs was being used to sell t-shirts and suing the company that is behind it. >> it was the perfect morning to be at the beach. photographer naomi was there at sunrise. she got a nice picture and was particularly pleased with the treatment she gave it, to turn it into an image she called
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vintage surfer and put it up on the web-sharing site and then watching tv, she saw this. her photo on a tee-shirt being sold right across australia. her reaction -- >> frustration and disbelief, i think that someone would take it off the internet and then put it on a tee-shirt and sell it without finding out where it came from and asking permission. >> she is suing the man's ware company and they blamed its suppliers and a lawyer said that use of the image was inadvertent. lawmakers are struggling to keep up with technology. content uploaded to social media which can spread across the web and legal jurisdictions is
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leading to all kinds of concerns and cases. >> this is the cutting edge. but when a new case like this comes, a lawyer will say, in that case, you set a precedent. get preventative legal advice and will say you need to put something in place that you are allowed to use the images. >> there is no suggestion that flicker had any part in selling the picture. but another site, instagram upgraded its users. the company owned by facebook proposed changes that would allow people to sell images. instagram has since withdrawn the proposals. social media has changed the way photos are being shared, sold and sometimes stolen. the rules are in flux and will take a few test cases before they are actually settled. >> the former president of yemen
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has opened a museum dedicated to his time in office. his collection includes gifts given to him during his 33-year rule and the trousers he was wearing when he came under rocket attack in 2011, eight months before he stepped down in power. power. the u.n. security council
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